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Our Approach

Mission Statement

Long Beach Polytechnic High School Boys Swim and Dive team is a member of CIF Division II and the Moore League. Our mission at Long Beach Polytechnic High School Boys Swim and Dive team is to offer young student-athletes with a safe and competitive environment. It is our goal to provide student-athletes the motivation to reach their highest potential. We teach our student-athletes to believe, follow, and execute a standard of excellence in the pool and out of the pool, in their classrooms, and within their families and their community.

Our Program

Our swim and dive program is made up of three official levels and one unofficial level: F/S aka Open, Junior Varsity, and Varsity as officials and Redshirt as unofficial.


This program is for swimmers who lack the competency of 3 of the 4 competitive strokes but hope to be a valuable player as a sophomore in F/S or in JV as a junior or senior. Helping and familiarizing themselves with the meet formats, practice, basic stroke fundamentals, and swim language is the goal.

F/S (aka Open):

This program’s goal is to attain the competency of fundamentals of swimming and competitive swimming at the Frosh/Soph level. The goal is to learn the basics of all four competitive strokes, setting the foundation for mastery of the advanced swimming skills. In the Moore League, F/S swim meet events are short events (50s and 100 IM). Once a student-athlete has mastered the appropriate skills and have attained the required work ethic and competitive times and skillsets, the coaching staff will evaluate the swimmer with the potential to move into the Junior Varsity program.

JV (Junior Varsity):

The Junior Varsity program is our developmental group made up of student-athletes who are non-freshmen and prepares student-athletes to compete for a Varsity spot. In the Moore League, JV swim meet events are the same as the Varsity level and CIF level (100s and 200 IM and 500 Freestyle). The purpose of this level is two- fold. First, we emphasize stroke technique and endurance. Basic skills of swimming will be reviewed but not heavily taught, but preparing endurance to compete in longer events will be key. The other main emphasis is to learn how to compete at the highest level possible in swimming. The JV coach is instructed to ensure that the student-athlete develops in work ethic and competitiveness.


The Varsity group requires a minimum time standard to qualify and ability to complete 6,000 yard workouts and one hour of dryland. In addition, the Varsity team is by need first and speed second, upon a coaching staff decision. Swimmers will move up levels based solely on the recommendation of the coaches for the gain of Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

To be considered for this level, the coaches look primarily at three things. First is work ethic, which is commitment, dedication, enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn. Second is standard of excellence. It is to believe, follow, and execute a standard of excellence in the pool and out of the pool in their classrooms, the swimming pool, within their Families, and their community. The end goal for this program is to have college swimming athletes. Third is performance, simply to beat Wilson. Grade level is not a factor to be considered on the Varsity team. However, seniority will always be honored in our program.

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